Development, Dedication, Knowledge and Innovation are our blueprint towards a better future

The Darkest Nation brand is a mobile gaming network that works closely with affiliate marketing companies. Along the years, we have managed to attract a vast number of fans and followers by bridging the gap between the corporate gaming companies and the everyday mobile gamers.

Our network consists of quality-focused media outlets specialized for mobile games, mobile apps, and mobile technology. In addition, we have been active in research and data collection within the gaming community and have a large database of mobile related statistics. We have managed to bring together professionals from different walks of life and encouraged them to work together and come up with novel ideas and original creations.

With the start of 2016, we led the mobile platform into an evolutionary phase and brought Mobile eSports to the FPS mobile gaming genre on a massive scale for the first time in the history of this platform. We are currently the most searched eSports organizers for mobile games in the entire industry. Our aim is to develop the mobile gaming industry into a significant platform for competitive players and ambitious developers.

Whether you are a player, developer, or interested third party that’s interested in our work and ideas, then you are welcome to contact us to discuss collaborations, partnerships, or even request our support for any project that you might wish to achieve. The future is bright, indeed, for the mobile app industry and our work will ensure its development and long-term existence.